Masafuyu Tanaka

Managing Partner

Masafuyu Tanaka - started his career at SBI Holdings, Inc. He was initially involved in the business planning process and strategies setting of SBI Group, and subsequently engaged in the operation of several private equity funds in Southeast Asia.

After joining the CEO’s Office of SBI Holdings, Inc to primarily promote the launch of new overseas business activities, Masafuyu relocated to Israel to open the first representative office of SBI Group. So far he also has played a key role in establishing and expanding the strategic partnership with Vertex Ventures and executing several new investments in Israeli cyber security startups by SBI Group. In 2017, he successfully launched a new investment infrastructure by launching SBI JAPAN-ISRAEL Innovation Fund L.P. Through the Fund, he invested in prominent biotech startup companies within a year, the majority of which successfully got public on Nasdaq. Key investments in Israel: Rapyd, Argus Cyber Security (Acquired by Continental), ImmunoBrain Checkpoint, Chemomab (IPOed on Nasdaq), Orasis, Cylus, LogicBio (IPOed on Nasdaq).

Masafuyu led the strategic investments by SBI Group in the leading fintech startup in Russia, Simple Finance LLC as well as debts, with the total financed amount of USD 50 million. In 2018, he made the strategic partnership between SBI Group and Iliev Group (The parent of RI Group). In 2021, he launched SBI RI Fund L.P. to deploy the capital of SBI and RI Group globally into unique & potentially highly lucrative strategic investment opportunities in new-generation high-tech industries.